What members are saying!

"Once again I have to say that we are so happy with our great produce from your farm. We have had several csa contracts in the past but your produce, the quality and cleanliness and abundance is SUPERIOR. We are truly grateful to have found you, in this our second year. Also enjoy the beautiful photos of your and your entire crew's endeavours and feel so lucky to be eating so well. Your love and caring are so obvious. Thank you, thank you".
Donna Graham and Rose Mary Evans).

"Happy Anniversary Redbud Farm! Thank you for the wonderful mix of delicious food each week. I love the challenge of creating new meals with what we find in our weekly delivery. We are just so happy with this food and look forward to future years of good eating with Redbud". (Sandra Bernardi)

"Our family is enjoying the results of you and your staffs hard work. What a miracle seeds are! Thank you so much for all that you do. Your produce is always excellent quality and incredibly clean."Thank you  again and I  hope that we can meet you in person some day soon. " (Cathy Hopper)


Join Our Local Community Supported Agriculture and...

  1. Enjoy eating with the seasons

    For twenty weeks, you will receive seven to ten varieties of certified organic produce at the farm. We no longer  deliver  in Martinsburg or , Hagerstown, MD
  2. Trust the fact that your food is nutritious, healthy, and safe

    Our Organic foods are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, genetically engineered organisms, or synthetic pesticides. We follow farming practices that help protect the environment.
  3. Help ensure the economic viability of your local farming community.

    The survival of small family farms is dependent on economic viability
  4. Know who is growing your food.

    Joining a local CSA is a great way to get to know who is growing your food and how it’s grown. You can trust that our produce is fresh, healthy, and safe!

What is CSA?

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept may be thought of as a mutual commitment between a farm and a community of supporters. CSA provides a direct link between the producers and consumers of food. Our local CSA program provides consumers with fresh, certified organic produce for 20 weeks during the growing season (May - November). Members' fees, paid in early spring, help pay for seeds, fertilizer, and planting labor. In return, our farm provides a healthy supply of seasonal fresh produce throughout the growing season all grown using eco-friendly, organic techniques that preserve our local soil and water resources.

From May to October, we provide a mixture of Fresh crops that are in season, available weekly at  The farm. All produce is picked and prepared within 24 hours of delivery, so our members are ensured the freshest organic produce available.The CSA is a great way to get to know who is growing your food and how its grown.

Furthermore, joining an organic CSA program is the most direct means of promoting the economic viability of our local farms AND ensuring that farming practices dont endanger our natural resources!

2017 CSA information will post soon

Unsure about joining?

Contact us for local references to address any questions or concerns (304) 839-1206.

Redbud Organic Farm, LLC


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