Sustainable Agriculture Internships ... Come grow with us!

  • Enjoy the outdoors and learn the fundamentals of organic food & flower production
  • Gain hands-on experience with growing, marketing, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Explore the natural beauty of West Virginias eastern panhandle, 70 miles from Washington D.C., 10 miles from rail access
Redbud Farm LLC is committed to environmental sustainability and the safe, ecological production of food. Our internship program provides hands-on experiential learning and is a great way to stay outside, enjoy nature, and have fun! You will learn everything you need to start your own organic farming operation and experience all aspects of an agro-ecosystem in action. The program represents a thorough learning experience providing interaction with nature and all aspects of farm life.

What you get.
We provide extensive hands-on training in the fundamentals and practical application of organic food, herb, and flower production (including seedling propagation, direct seeding, transplanting, crop rotation, irrigation, raised beds, mulching, composting), sales and marketing (including retail sales at Washington D.C. farmers markets, our local Community Supported Agriculture program and wholesale marketing through local restaurants). Exposure to green building tactics and the integration of renewable energy technologies is also provided. On-site housing is provided in historic Redbud Hollow, a cabin listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as unlimited organic food raised at the farm. A monthly stipend and transportation to and from the local train station (serviced by Amtrak) are provided.

What we expect.
Interns must commit to a minimum 14-week stay at the farm and participate in internship activities 36 - 45 hours per week. A 1-week vacation is afforded if scheduled in advance. Typical internship activities include planting, weeding, applying mulch or fertilizer, composting, picking produce, washing and packing produce, assisting with sales at farmers' markets, IPM scouting, CSA production and possibly use of small engine equipment, such as roto-tillers and mowers. Interns also may assist with green building projects, servicing of solar systems and maintenance of alternative wetlands, as needed. We start the day early to beat the heat (6-7 am) and take a 2 hour lunch break. Interns must be in excellent health and physical condition, must appreciate a culturally diverse environment and must be at least 18 years old. Farming is perhaps the most honorable and rewarding work there is, but it is rigorous. In addition, the environment can be harsh at times (i.e. rain, heat, humidity, gnats), and we are in the field when duty calls! A good pair of gloves, plenty of sunscreen and a hat are a must.

How to apply.
Interested applicants should contact us by March 1. Selections will be made following a telephone interview with the candidate and consultation with references provided. If selected for an Internship, a farm and cabin tour is highly recommended before finalizing arrangements.

Redbud Organic Farm, LLC


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